Important information for students currently on exchange at FEB Zagreb

(SUMMER semester 2021/22)

APRIL 14, 2022

LEAP Summit 2022

LEAP Summit 2022 will take place on the 12th and 13th of May in Zagreb, Croatia. More information is available here:


APRIL 11, 2022

The student restaurant is officially reopening after two years! You can reach it in two ways:

1. from outside – photo on the right

2. from inside of the building – going down the staircase next to the library.

The paying procedure is a bit different, first you will get the bill and pay it after you finish with the meal.

The cafeteria “Kefa” above our office is not going to work until further notice. But, the café bar “Indeks” is still open so you are able to have a cup of coffee and visit us 😊


FEBRUARY 25, 2022

On these links:


MASTER COURSES - see email

please find the links to Google Meets on which the courses will take place.

You will also find access codes for the online learning platform Google Classroom: (A couple of courses are on Moodle & Zoom, but this is visible in the table and the links are provided).

If a code or a link does not work, please contact the course teacher by e-mail (to find the emails use the search engine on FEB’s main website and type in the teachers’ names).

Additional info: two master level courses will be added to the class schedule: Business Strategy and Organizational Culture. We will update the schedule and inform you once we receive this information on the time & days).

To access Google Classroom you need to be signed into your FEB Google account (

If possible, try to sign up to the Google Classrooms of your desired courses already before Monday, mostly so that teachers whose courses you haven’t selected in the Before the Mobility LA know how many students to count with.

Classes held in classrooms will also be live-streamed. We ask all students who want to attend the courses in classrooms to indicate which courses they want to attend in classrooms in the following form by Monday 28 February 2022, 8 am. (If you choose to participate in classes held in classrooms, it is expected that you attend them in classrooms regularly throughout the semester):

To access the form, you need to be logged into your FEB Google accounts (

For you information, your student ID number = your JMBAG number – those 10 digits that come before or

class schedule

FEBRUARY 18, 2022

the class schedule is now available on the Class and exam schedule web page.

In the schedule you will see which courses are held online and which in classrooms. In case of exceptions, the teachers will inform you at the introductory lecture.

In the first week of classes, ALL COURSES will be held online –those will be the introductory lectures. Starting from the second week, those courses marked as “classroom courses” will be held in classrooms.

Next week you will receive a list of links and access codes for each course. Most courses use Google Meet and Google Classroom. We will explain how to log onto them.

Please note that changes in the schedule are possible, even in the first two weeks of classes. We will be informing you immediately about the changes if they happen.

When a course has seminars (S) and lectures (L), this means you have to attend both, they both form one course.

If you have overlaps, changing courses is possible. It will be done officially in the second week of classes, but you can already start taking the classes not previously selected from the first week. All the steps will be explained in detail in due time.


FEBRUARY 17, 2022

to speed up the process of signing your Confirmation/Certificate of Arrival documents, we kindly ask to fill them out before sending them to us.

Filling them out in a digital way is possible even with .pdf documents, there are tools such as “fill & sign” in Adobe. If you haven’t used it before, just google it and you will find the information :)

Please fill out the following information:

· your name and surname

· home university name

· host university: please put Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb

· Responsible person at the host university/Erasmus Officer/Signatory/I, the Undersigned/Name and Function – and any other similar title that actually refers to the person here at FEB who will sign the document: please put the name of our Vice Dean – Assoc. Prof. Kosjenka Dumančić, PhD, Vice Dean

· arrival date/start date can be any date after 16 February except for dates that are on weekends, because we actually do not confirm your arrival in Croatia, but the start of your mobility obligations

· do not write the end date/departure date, this will be written at the end of your exchange

Please note that every form is different, some of your form will already have the home university name written, some will use other names for the signatory here, in some you should write your personal details such as email, date of birth, etc., but you should be able to recognize where each abovementioned item goes.


FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Below please find the form for the public transportation card. There is also an example of how to fill it in. Please read the comments on the example form.

IMPORTANT: do not glue the photo to the form, just attach it with a paper clip. The photo needs to be a real photo, made on photo paper, not on regular paper, and show your face clearly, as a photo for e.g. an ID card.

The form you can print out and fill out by hand, or fill out digitally, print and sign. You need to do it before you come to the Faculty.

Starting from next Monday (21 February) you will be able to bring the form to the Faculty – you will leave it in a blue box on a table at the entrance to the lobby of the International Office – see photo.

The International Office is located on the opposite side of the main entrance (Google Maps location).

If you come from the side of the main entrance, please check the directions posted in the first Notice Board post (February 10).

Please note that the entrance will be open every working day from 10 am to 2 pm.

Once you enter the building you need to wear a mask and make sure to keep distance.

ZET form to fill out_summer semester.pdf

student card

february 14, 2022

The SmartX student card is used both as a standard student card and as an electronic student transcript book and student ID at FEB.

*Students whose main faculty during the exchange isn’t FEB, but some other UNIZG faculty (=horizontal mobility), please disregard these instructions. You will get the student card at your main UNIZG Faculty.*

For the student card, please do the following:

1) fill out the form in the attachment – please insert a photo that is of good quality and has a clear background. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a passport/ID card photo, but it has to be similar to it, it has to show your face clearly and preferably have a light, one-colour background

2) put your signature inside the box – please use a thicker pen or, if you are doing it electronically, use a thicker line

3) put your JMBAG number in the JMBAG boxes (you received it in one of the emails sent by my colleague Nikolina)

4) put your OIB number in the OIB boxes (you received it in one of the emails sent by my colleague Nikolina)

There is also an example how to fill out the form attached. Once you fill out the form, please send it to

The fee for the card is 50 HRK (Croatian kuna), in euros this amounts to 6,69 EUR.

Here are the details for the payment:

Account holder: Ekonomski fakultet, Trg J. F. Kennedyja 6, HR-10000 Zagreb

Bank name: Zagrebačka banka, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, HR-10000 Zagreb


IBAN: HR0723600001101351242

Reference number: 66158

Purpose of payment: SmartX student card + your name & surname

User: your name, surname, address

It is very important to write your name in the payment purpose/description if you are making the payment from e.g. your parents’ accounts. Please request/save the proof of payment (document that says you made the transfer) and send it to us at Please make the payment by 23 February 2022, as this is, together with the OIB number, a prerequisite for the start of your exchange.

SmartX card form.docx
Example SmartX card form SS 21-22.pdf

start of semester meeting

february 10, 2022

The Start-of-Semester Meeting from Thursday, 10 February at 1:00 pm CET (Central European Time):

Start of semester meeting2.pdf

FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Entering the Faculty building is possible without Covid-19 certificates. Please do not forget to bring a mask, disinfect your hands and make sure to keep distance.

At the moment, if you wish to come to the International Office, you will need to exit the main entrance, and walk to the other side of the building. Please find the directions below.

How to find us_2021.docx