AAI (electronic academic identity)

During your studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb you will be able to use your AAI@EduHr user account together with official e-mail address from our Google Apps for the Education domain net.efzg.hr in the form of nsurname@net.efzg.hr.

Example of AAI@EduHr and Google@net.efzg user account:

User account for Google@net.efzg is derived from AAI@EduHr user account in the following way:

- in the user account AAI@EduHr after the sign @ the word net is added.

The password for Google@net.efzg account is the same as in AAI@EduHr account and it can be changed on the following URL address: https://livorno.efzg.hr/ldap/user/index.php

After changing the password, a third site will open and that means that you have successfully changes your password and just close that window.


Your new password will become active after a couple of hours.

In addition to an e-mail account you are free to use all other Google services and applications involved in the Google Apps for Education services + additional applications of other suppliers of services that the faculty uses to connect to the Google Apps for the Education domain.



During the first registration at Google@net.efzg it is necessary to activate an user account (same as for private Google account ).

The available space per student is unlimited. The maximum file size that can be stored is 1TB.

For any additional questions, send an e-mail to aai@efzg.hr. Addresses of the individual Google@net.efzg applications: