The Studomat application is where you schedule exams. 

All students are required to check again, 24 hours before the exam, the dates in Studomat just to confirm that the time and date of the exam is okay.

There are 2 important steps before your departure:



And 3 possible situations: 

Situation no 1: you pass the courses through MIDTERMS/PRELIMINARY EXAMS (or various assignments/papers)

1) you must, nevertheless, schedule the exams in Studomat


Situation no 2: you are in fact TAKING THE EXAM (either on the 1st date or the 2nd)

1) you must schedule the exams in Studomat & be present on the day of the exam


Situation no 3: you FAIL THE EXAM on the 1st exam date

1)     you can retake the exam on the 2nd exam datedo not forget to schedule the 2nd exam date in Studomat!



Please, pay attention to the deadlines for scheduling exams because if you miss them, your grade cannot be recorded in the system!

If you are experiencing problems with Studomat, please let us know so that we can help you solve them on time! 

HORIZONTAL MOBILITY STUDENTS also need to schedule the exam in Studomat.


Before you leave FEB:


Transcript of Records



Finally, if your home institution has given you certificates of stay, bear in mind that here they are signed by the Vice Dean, so it is best to send by e-mail 3-4 days before the end of your mobility, to make sure that they will be signed by the time you need them.

Guide to Studomat.pdf