Freemover students

Freemovers are permitted to participate in courses and examinations but they need to pay for each course they want to attend.

Freemovers are not able to convert their freemover student status into that of a regular full-degree student. 

Kindly note that you need to fill the documents and send them to e-mail address

Documents required for applying:

Accepted language tests are:

Students who speak English or Croatian as mother tongue or study completely in English in their home country (not only in isolated courses) do not have to submit a language test.

According to the Decision on student participation fees, foreign students at all levels of studies pay the following amounts according to their status:


Please note that only complete applications will be considered by the Faculty of Economics & Business (filled out application form and all the required documents).


All applicants are kindly requested to respect the APPLICATION DEADLINES which are as follows: