Important information for students currently on exchange at FEB Zagreb 

(winter semester 2022/23)

experience questionnaire

July 14, 2021

We would like to express the pleasure we had hosting you this past summer semester. 

We hope that you enjoyed your stay and have brought back home some nice memories.


We would like you to fill out our little questionnaire as it can help us improve our services and also be a nice reference to our future exchange students.

The link to the questionnaire will be sent to you by email. 

If you have any photos from the time spent in Zagreb and you wish to share them with us, please send them to


february 15, 2023

Please be informed that we started sending your Transcripts of Records. Both you and the home university contacts you entered in the Google from called “Studomat” will receive the copy. 

exam schedule for winter semester 2022/23

january 17, 2023


The exam schedule has been publicated on our web, here is the link.

Also on this link you can find what are the next steps to successfully finish your mobility and a guide on how to use Studomat.

christmas holidays

december 23, 2022

Due to Christmas holidays, on Friday, 23 November 2022 class will end at 12 noon.

Classes will resume on Monday, 9 January 2023.


OCTOBER 5, 2022

By now you should have an idea which courses you will keep, which ones you will delete and which ones you will add - BACHELOR COURSES.

So to make it official, please fill out the form below.


For Erasmus+ students: there is an empty ERASMUS+ form that you need to fill out and an example of ERASMUS+ form to see how to do it.


For NON-Erasmus+ students: please use the other form, NON-Erasmus+ form, and also look at the example form for you.


All the instructions you need are listed in the example forms, please read them carefully!


For the changes you will also need the table on this link: - here is where you find course codes and number of ECTS credits of each course. If you need some course descriptions, you will also find them on this web page, click on the arrow next to the name of the course and under the short description you will find a link to a more detailed description.

Once you fill out the forms you need to send them to our address and we will give it to FEB ECTS Coordinator to sign. 

Please fill out the forms and send them by Wednesday (12 October) 12 noon or earlier.

Once our ECTS Coordinator signs them, you will receive the scans, which you will then send to your home university coordinators to sign.

Empty form ERASMUS+ students.docx
Example ERASMUS form for changes.pdf
Empty form for NON-Erasmus students.docx
Example form for NON-Erasmus changes (1).pdf


September 26, 2021

to speed up the process of signing your Confirmation/Certificate of Arrival documents, we kindly ask to fill them out before sending them to us.

Filling them out in a digital way is possible even with .pdf documents, there are tools such as “fill & sign” in Adobe. If you haven’t used it before, just google it and you will find the information.


Please fill out the following information:

·       your name and surname

·       home university name

·       host university: please put Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb

·       Responsible person at the host university/Erasmus Officer/Signatory/I, the Undersigned/Name and Function – and any other similar title that actually refers to the person here at FEB who will sign the document: please put the name of our Vice Dean – Assoc. Prof. Kosjenka Dumančić, PhD, Vice Dean

·       arrival date can be any date after 26 September except for dates that are on weekends, because we actually do not confirm your arrival in Croatia, but the start of your mobility obligations  

·       if it says expected end date or similar, you should put the end of the semester – 25 February 2023, whole year exchange students put 8 July 2022


Please note that every form is different, some of your form will already have the home university name written, some will use other names for the signatory here, in some you should write your personal details such as email, date of birth, etc., but you should be able to recognize where each abovementioned item goes.


September 23, 2021

Below please find the form for the public transportation card. There is also an example of how to fill it in. Please read the comments on the example form.

IMPORTANT: do not glue the photo to the form, just attach it with a paper clip. The photo needs to be a “real photo”, made on photo paper, and show your face clearly, as a photo for e.g. an ID card.


The form you can print out and fill out by hand, or fill out digitally, print and sign. You need to do it before you come to the Faculty.


Starting from next week you will be able to bring the form to the Faculty – you will leave it in a blue box on a table at the entrance to the lobby of the International Office – see photo.


The International Office is located on the opposite side of the main entrance (Google Maps location).

Please note that the entrance will be open every working day from 8 am to 4 pm.

ZET form to fill out.pdf

student card

September 22, 2022

The card is used both as a standard student card and as an electronic student transcript book and student ID at FEB.

*Students whose main faculty during the exchange isn’t FEB, but some other UNIZG faculty, please disregard these instructions. You will get the student card at your main UNIZG Faculty.*

For the student card, please do the following:

1) fill out the form below – please insert a photo that is of good quality and has a clear background. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a passport/ID card photo, but it has to be similar to it, it has to show your face clearly and preferably have a light, one-colour background. 

2) Put your signature inside the box – please use a thicker pen or, if you are doing it electronically, use a thicker line.

3) Leave the JMBAG box empty if you do not know your JMBAG yet

4) Those students who have their OIB number can write it in the OIB box. Those who don’t have it yet, just leave it empty.

There is also an example how to fill out the form attached.

Once you fill out the form, please send it to

Example SmartX card form.pdf
SmartX card form.pdf

start of semester meeting

September 13, 2022

Below is the presentation from the Start-of-Semester Meeting that took place on Monday, 12 September 2022.

Start of semester meeting.pptx